Web Dev Bootcamp Update

An amazing week on the Drupal bootcamp in London. We have 8 bright, motivated young people getting stuck in to learning Drupal. This week they have worked through the OpenDrupal Foundation and started building their portfolio/blog site. This site will demonstrate their new Drupal skills and be a record of the progress they make over the two week bootcamp. They're also working on a second site from a set project brief and will be developing this next week as their skills progress.

What makes this bootcamp really special is the support they've been getting from the Drupal community - experienced developers and past apprentices have been coming in to support the 'newbies'. With almost one-to-one support some days!

And it's great to see the progress past apprentices have made. So far we've seen:

Tyler - has now been at Code Positive for two years and heads up their QA!

Jack - completed his year long apprenticeship earlier this year with White Fuse Media. He now has a new job with Manifesto http://manifesto.co.uk/meet-the-team-jack-holding-software-engineer-consultant/

Zach - completed his apprenticeship earlier this year and is now loving his job at Sky on the History Channel. He shows the group some of the amazing sites he's worked on.

Big thanks to everyone that's helped out so far.

Next week potential employers will be coming in... let's hope we can find a placement company for all of these future Drupal devs!