Very Cool says Dries Buytaert

Did you hear… our Drupal Apprenticeship programme got a mention in the Driesnote! =:D

At the recent DrupalCon Dublin, Dries spoke in his keynote about his Meaningful Moments – ‘When people find Drupal and it gives them a better career path’ and how ‘We find meaning when our work results in life-changing outcomes for others’.

Both of which are key values in our Apprenticeship programme.

Dries spoke about the Drupal Apprenticeship programme, and it’s great to be recognised, not only as an initiative that helps to scale the impact of the Drupal project, but does it the right way, by instilling the right values, culture and purpose of the community.

One of our graduate Apprentices gave an interview on the impact the Drupal Apprenticeship has had on his life – one of my meaningful moments that make it all worthwhile! :)

You can check out what Dries had to say on YouTube

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