Peter Brownell and Robert Castelo join the Drupal Apprenticeship Training Team

Our Drupal Apprenticeship programme has lots of brilliant support from the community and now we have Peter and Robert from Code Positive joining the training team…. how cool is that! They will be joining Hedley Smith and Crispin Read, who have been training our apprentices for the past two years.

Peter and Robert have been Drupal developers since 2004. Pushbutton is a theme created by Robert which shipped as part of Drupal core for more than five years. While creating Pushbutton Robert also improved Drupal’s theming system to make it easier for others to change the look and feel of their Drupal sites. Robert is the author of several contributed modules such as User Import, and Legal, which are used on tens of thousands of Drupal sites. As well as code, Robert has also contributed to the Drupal project with design work, documentation, accessibility, usability improvements, and is a member of the Drupal security team.

Our new group of apprentices are currently learning Drupal and keen to start an apprenticeship position soon. Once they start the year long programme the apprentices will be coming in to Happy two days per month for classroom training with Peter, Robert, Crispin and Hedley. And even better news – Drupal 8 is released just in time for our new apprentice groups!! ;)

This week we have a few Drupal agencies coming in to meet and greet the candidates and hopefully offer an apprenticeship.

Get in touch if you are a Drupal agency interested in doing the same. We have nine smart and eager future developers and would love to be able to get them all on an apprenticeship