Mentoring at Web Dev boot-camps in London and Manchester - it's not just for developers and experts

In a few weeks time we'll be running our pre-apprenticeship bootcamps in London and Manchester. We are looking for volunteer mentors to help us make the bootcamps more interesting and enjoyable for the candidates.

If you can spare half a day or more to help some young people get to grips with Drupal site building, theming or development please let us know by filling in your details below:

You don't need to prepare anything, the sessions are hosted by an experienced trainer. Mentors are there to provide extra support and knowledge by answering questions and perhaps showcasing something they have worked on in the past.

Through the Drupal apprenticeship scheme we enable young people with a route into web development. Often these are people who might lack access to a university education, yet can display the correct aptitudes and enthusiasm for web development. We have found that having mentors at the bootcamp is really motivational and inspirational for the candidates and a fun and rewarding experience for the mentors themselves

Hope to see you in London or Manchester.