London Web Dev Apprentices

Our 2016 London Web Dev Apprenticeship programme was a huge success ~ all apprentices have now been taken on in a permanent position as Junior Web Developers.

And we are hoping to continue this success with our new group of candidates. 9 talented people have completed three weeks of intensive training and we're hoping to find apprenticeship placements for them.

We are looking for web development teams in London who are interested in ~

  • A cost effective way to grow your team with bright, motivated, new talent
  • Having a positive effect on your company and community
  • Giving someone an opportunity to gain a qualification and skills that will set them up for life

You might be surprised at the skills they have and are capable of pretty quickly. Most of our apprentices are doing billable work within a couple of months, some sooner.

'The scheme is one of the very best. The assessment process, pre-start boot-camp and knowledgeable trainers mean we get engaged, motivated apprentices contributing to our business from day one.' Mark Hope, Digital Director, Access Advertising

We provide training and support for our apprentices and their employers. Meet the new candidates and find out more...

Get in touch if you want to find out more.