Help Grow Talent

I have been working with Crispin Read, Hedley Smith and Peter Brownell to set up and run a Drupal Apprenticeship programme for school/college leavers. The programme kicks off with a two week course covering the OpenDrupal Curriculum, and continues with training and support over the course of the apprenticeship. It will include contact with other apprentices and training with experienced Drupal developers, aiming to build strong links within the Drupal community.

Have you considered employing an Apprentice?
With an apprentice you would gain an employee that will be mentored, supported and given training for at least one year, enabling them to achieve a recognised qualification. They will be working for you, getting hands on experience and will gain extensive skills and knowledge. This is an opportunity both to fill your skills gap and help a young person get started in the industry.

We are currently mentoring a group of school/college leavers through their two week pre-apprenticeship training in London and looking for London based companies interested in hiring an apprentice.

You can also claim a government grant of £1,500 to help support you taking on apprentices for the first time.

You will be fully supported by us, you gain a talented and eager young employee to help your business and you could even get a grant to help out financially.

Some information and case studies on this site -

We are dedicated to try and help young people get into work; shockingly 1 in 4 young people are unemployed. Is this acceptable?

The Drupal Association job market 2014 survey says “More Drupal talent is needed. 92% of hiring managers surveyed say there is insufficient Drupal talent in the market to meet their needs”

So let’s join the dots in the Drupal community, help develop talented youngsters by taking on Drupal apprentices. Reduce youth unemployment and grow Drupal talent!

Please let me know if you are interested or would like to find our more. If you know anyone else that might be in a position to take on a school/college leaver, please can you pass on this information?