Drupal Apprenticeship Progress

In February 2014 we ran a two week pre-apprenticeship course and succeeded in placing 6 young people in companies to work as Apprentice Web Developers, specialising in Drupal. Thanks to Code Positive, White Fuse Media, Dennis Publishing and Bright Sites Consulting these youngsters have been given the opportunity to gain a qualification and skills that will set them up for life.

In only just six months the Apprentices have made great progress. The three Apprentices at Dennis Publishing have completely rebuilt this site - http://digitalslrphoto.com/. Their manager Chris Glasgow was adamant that they would do all the work themselves, with support where needed, but no other members of staff were allow to work on the site. The Apprentice at Bright Sites Consulting did a lot of work on this site http://www.homesandproperty.co.uk/luxury and is now working on a client’s site by himself. It’s been amazing to see have far they can develop in such a short space of time.

Feedback from the placement companies has been very positive...

“Taking on an apprentice, and seeing them develop over the course of a year has been amazing. There is always a burden involved when someone new joins your team, but, that extra weight very quickly transforms into an extra pair of hands. We have seen so much value in the process that we have now taken on a second apprentice.” – Peter Brownell, Code Positive

“I would recommend this programme to any small company who is considering the recruitment of a Drupal apprentice.” - George Young, White Fuse Media

“The apprentice has been attentive, hard-working and keen to learn and therefore an asset to my company.” – Brian-John Alford, Bright Sites Consulting

We will be running another pre-apprenticeship course at the end of October and are looking for companies interested in hiring an Apprentice from November.

  • Add an inexpensive, but productive resource to your team.
  • Teach someone the best way to be effective in your team, from the start.
  • Bring new perspectives and fresh ideas to your company.
  • Have a positive effect on the Drupal community, and your local community.

Find out more and sign up here - http://apprenticeships.opendrupal.org/

I look forward to working with you :)

Big thanks for the amazing and continued support from Hedley Smith and Crispin Read, take a bow fellas, you’re making a big difference in the lives of these young people.