Drupal Apprenticeship Course Content — your thoughts please

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Open Drupal is a project to provide free and open source learning materials for people wanting to teach or learn Drupal skills, it is also the documentation on which we base the training for the candidates on the Drupal Apprenticeship Scheme. What we are aiming towards is a standard for what we (as an industry) can consider to be the basic level of skills and knowledge required as an entry level Drupal Developer.

It is imperative for both of these projects that the documentation is as current and relevant as possible so the course copy is maintained in a constant state of review and improvement. All the core files are held as markdown in our repo on GitHub, additional learning materials such as presentations and teaching aids are stored publicly on Google Drive and linked to as necessary from the core copy. There is also an overview of the course on a public trello board and this is what I am asking for input on today.

A key point of success for us is that feedback and input on the course content is gathered from a wide variety of people, not just those directly involved in the projects ~ trainers, mentors, candidates, but also from the community at large. People like you — Drupal developers, themers, site builders, team/tech Leads, business owners… Everybody’s opinion and input is greatly valued and gratefully received.

Right now we are on our third major overhaul of the course content. We have looked in detail about what we have learned across the past three years of delivering this training and in speaking with those involved we have come up with a broad outline of the subjects around which we think the course should be built. Obviously we can’t include everything as the candidates only have a year to complete the course and all are in full time employment. The majority of this training is delivered in the two days per month where we have external training provided.

Help please — even 5 minutes will be valuable

I have created a Trello board with all the subject areas as cards, please take a look and let me know what you think. You can add comments to this post,tweet to me directly or add your comments to the relevant card.

There are no bad ideas and no wrong opinions — please just let me know your thoughts.

Please don’t move the cards to a different column though and if you have a suggestion for a new subject please add it to the suggestions column only.

Here’s an example card

Example card for learning Drupal Views